Deploy Powerful Webmap Applications

Explore the powerful features available in Mango.

Feature: Data Sync

Boost Productivity With Powerful Desktop & Online GIS Integration

Desktop GIS are great for managing and analyzing geospatial data. However, they provided limited scope for sharing. This is the strength of an Online GIS.

Feature: Analytics

How to Use Analytics to Track the Success of Your Web Maps

Wouldn't it be nice to have comprehensive and actionable data to improve your web map deployments?

Feature: Comparison

How to Make a Web Map That Compares Two Datasets Side-by-Side

The ability to compare two layers side-by-side is powerful. Often patterns that would be impossible to spot in the raw data are obvious when viewed in this way.

Feature: Data Management

How to Make Web Map Data Management and Editing Simple

In this article you will learn how web maps can be used for data management and be introduced to the best practices for online data editing.

Feature: Basemap

How to Choose the Correct Basemap for Your Web Map

With so many basemaps to choose from, which ones should we use? In this article we will go through what's available and which use case each is best suited to.

Feature: Theme & Branding

Why Brand Recognition Is So Important for Your Web Maps

Trust is an important element of your online presence, be it your website, blog or social media accounts and your web maps are no exception.

Feature: Proximity Analysis

Why Your Web Maps Need Proximity Analysis and Spatial Queries

Users want answers, and sometimes answers involve the relationship between more than one dataset. Sounds complex, but it doesn't have to be.

Feature: Security

How to Implement Rock Solid Security for Your Web Maps

The security of map and data is one of the biggest stumbling block an organization can face when making the transition to a web based mapping system.

Feature: Legend

How to Create Awesome Legends for Web Maps

In this article we cover the most common symbology used in web maps and also looking at best practices for building your map legend.

Feature: Print

How to Make an Awesome Print Tool for Your Web Map

In this post I'm going to show you what you need in order to provide your users with a first class print experience.

Feature: Query

How to Make an Awesome Query Tool for Your Web Map

Your users don't want a web map. What? They don't want a web map. Yes, that's right, your users don't want a web map. What they want is the answer to a question

Feature: Search

Is the Poor Design of Your Search Feature Ruining Your Web Map?

The design of your search feature is critical for your web map - users want to find their starting point. And it’s something that most web maps are doing wrong.