Looking for an alternative to your current webmap platform?

See how Mango stacks up against the competition

Mango vs ArcGIS Online

Mango’s fixed price plans and personalized customer support mean you’ll always know what your web mapping will cost. It’s more affordable, allows unlimited features per dataset, and is easier to use than ArcGIS Online. Read why Mango is the #1 alternative to ArcGIS Online

Mango vs GIS Cloud

Mango is your all-in-one GIS web map platform that won’t break the bank. Simple, competitively priced plans and unlimited private map viewers, completely free. With a highly configurable map and portal interface, Mango makes it easy to make maps and manage data. Read why Mango is the #1 alternative to GIS Cloud

Mango vs Mapbox

Mango is more than just a basemap, it’s your complete web map solution - without having to write a single line of code. Highly configurable via a straightforward UI, Mango gives you desktop level GIS tools, fine grained access control, and a seamless integration with your brand and domain. Read why Mango is the #1 alternative to Mapbox

Mango vs CartoDB

Make more than just map visualizations, create a map and data portal that integrates with your entire organization. Fine-grained access control ensures complete control of who can see maps and data. Mango offers up to 16x more storage on equivalent plans, and data analysis tools you’d expect to see in a desktop GIS. Read why Mango is the #1 alternative to CartoDB

Mango vs GeoNode

No servers, no coding, and no IT department required to keep your maps online. Let Mango do the heavy lifting with AWS cloud infrastructure and responsive, personalized customer support, so you can focus on making amazing data-driven web maps. Read why Mango is the #1 alternative to GeoNode