Looking for an alternative to Mapbox?

Thousands of organizations like yours have chosen Mango over Mapbox, there are dozens of reasons for this but here are the top 5:


  1. Mango: No coding required!

    All of our features and tools can be activated from within your web browser with only a couple of mouse clicks.

  2. Mango delivers the tools your users expect from a web based GIS

    Print, search, data queries, spatial analysis to name but a few, we’ve got you covered. No coding required!

  3. Create map application that integrate seamlessly with your website and brand

    Make map applications that fit seamlessly with your existing online presence and branding. Change the logo, color scheme, layout, domain name and even translate the interface into your language.

  4. Mango gives you fine grained access control

    You’re in control of access to your maps and data. Share and collaborate on internal maps and data securely with colleagues or clients, or share public maps far and wide with built in social tools.

  5. Mango is about more than just a base map

    Mango is about more than just making maps. We make it easy to create a customizable map and data portal that can be shared internally, with specific partners, or to the general public.

Don’t just take our word for it, try Mango out for yourself!