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Too many interesting maps are locked away on hard drives or shared via boring PDF's. With MangoMap even non-technical users can quickly create stunning interactive web maps and share them with private groups or the world.
Create powerful interactive web maps with our simple and intuitive user interface. No coding required!
Your maps can be used from any web accessible device: browser, mobile or tablet.
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Adding new tools to your map is as simple as clicking a button. Whether it's search, print or pushpins, we've got you covered.

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Unlock and discover the information behind the map with a simple click, search or database query.

Over 20,000 Organizations Have Used MangoMap to Publish and Share Engaging Web Maps

"MangoMap is fantastic! It is easily customizable and has allowed us to transform boring data into exciting, actionable knowledge. Best money spent on data visualization ever!"
Ivan Ip
Instructor, Harvard Medical School
"We chose MangoMap because we needed a way to be able to quickly share our maps with clients who weren’t familiar with desktop GIS. Our clients have been super impressed with how easy it is to view and explore underlying data of the maps we created using MangoMap."
Teemu Jantunen
Marketing Manager at FM- International Oy FINNMAP
"MangoMap allows us to create visually stunning maps that tell a more detailed story about where general aviation accidents occur. The reason we chose MangoMap is the ability to quickly apply advanced filters - a feature no other web-based mapping application offers."
Michael Deer
Founder of Aviation Statistics

Create and Share Incredible Interactive Web Maps Like These:

Town of Stettler | Zoning Plans
The Town of Stettler in Alberta, Canada is using MangoMap to give residents access to information on zoning, garbage collection and aerial photos.
Winnipeg Health Region | Equity Mapping
The Winnipeg Health Region Authority is using MangoMap to inform decision makers and the general public on health issues and service delivery points.
Ratio GIS | Utilities Mapping
This map shows infrastructure and cadastre information to support environmental assessment for engineering works

Here are Some Examples of Real World Projects That Have Benefited from Using MangoMap

ISO Risk Analyzer©

ISO (the insurance rating bureau in the United States) selected MangoMap to convey the geographical power of its Risk Analyzer© insurance rating products.

The Risk Analyzer products provide census block group level (as well as ZIP code level) insurance risk rating for personal lines auto, homeowners, commercial lines auto and business owners' coverages. ISO’s customers are primarily product pricing managers and actuaries within insurance companies, who respond well to visual representation of complex geographic data.
"Conveying complex data-driven concepts in customer presentations is tough at the best of times. But once we load up MangoMap as an aid to discussing geo-spatial risk models, those ‘aha’ moments inevitably cascade around the room."
Dion Oryzak Assoc. Director, Analytic Products
ISO Insurance Programs and Analytic Services

Columbus County Land Records

Columbus County selected MangoMap to update their existing web public web map portal and provide the public of Columbus County with access to land records.

The site allows users to quickly find properties within Columbus County by searching for the address or account number using the MangoMap search tool. Once a property is located the user can then download the property deed and property record card in PDF format.
"What immediately impressed me about MangoMap was how quickly I was able to upload data and get a useful map published. Other products I tried required more time in the learning curve than I could afford."
Alan James
Director of Columbus County MIS Department

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Choose from a range of formats, including Shapefile, Raster, KML and CSV

Customize the style of your layer:

Update the style and choose from simple, category or quantity legend types

Add labels to your layer

Customize the appearance of the attribute data in search results and popup windows

Add additional tools and functionality:

Mix and match map tools in order to give your maps users the best experience possible

Tools can be enabled with just a single click

Publish and share your map:

Embed your map in your website or blog

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