Tell the story of your data

Transform your data into powerful visualizations that tell the story of your data. Create attractive interactive maps that can be shared with anyone, anywhere on any device.

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Deliver map based workflows

Build map applications that integrates seamlessly with your workflows. Easily add tools that allow your users to dig deep into your data.

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Personalize your map application

Supplement your maps with additional information. Add custom sidebars and popups with rich content such as links, images, videos and charts.

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Integrate your organization’s brand

Create map applications that closely match your brand to increases professionalism and instill trust in your users.

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A home for all of your maps & data

Create an easy to navigate map and data portal that can be the new home for all of your maps and data.

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Simple data management

Make edits to attribute and geometry data from within your maps. Or upload a new version of your dataset and have all maps that are using it automatically update.

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Comprehensive Map & Data Security

Password protect individual maps or add additional users to the account and give them viewing, editing or administration rights for specific maps or datasets.

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Creating GIS web map applications with Mango is quick and easy.

What immediately impressed me about Mango was how quickly I was able to upload data and get a useful map published. Other products I tried required more time in the learning curve than I could afford.

Alan James • Director of Management Information Systems, Columbus County, North Carolina