Looking for an alternative to GeoNode?

Thousands of organizations like yours have chosen Mango over GeoNode, there are dozens of reasons for this but here are the top 5:


  1. Mango is cloud based - no servers required

    We take care of the servers so that you don’t have to. All you need is a web browser and you’re ready to go.

  2. Responsive and personalized customer support experience

    You will be assigned a personal account manager who knows Mango inside out and will answers to your questions within hours, not days or weeks..

  3. Mango: No coding required!

    All of our features and tools can be activated from within your web browser with only a couple of mouse clicks

  4. Mango is easier to use

    “Mango is so much easier to use than GeoNode”
    We hear this a lot! With Mango you won’t need API’s, cryptic user manuals or tileset generation, it just works.

  5. Create map and data portal that integrate seamlessly with your website and brand

    Make map applications that fit seamlessly with your existing online presence and branding. Change the logo, color scheme, layout, domain name and even translate the interface into your language.

Mango vs GeoNode

No servers required
No coding required
Dedicated support as standard

Don’t just take our word for it, try Mango out for yourself!