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Creating Interactive Web Maps with Mango

Ensure you extract the most value out of your data with these actionable resources

Intent: Drawing and Sketching on Top of Maps

Sketch: a Highlighter for Your Web Maps

Conversations about location and place that were previously hard are now simple with Sketch, allowing for rapid consensus building and faster decision making.

Benefits: Portal

How to Deliver Great User Experiences with a Dynamic Online GIS Map Portal

The beauty of a great web map portal is that you don't have to try and create a map that is everything to everyone.

Benefits: Security

Solving the Online GIS Security Conundrum

When making business decisions, your data is your most precious asset. Maintaining rock solid security of your spatial data assets doesn't have to be difficult.

Webmap SEO (linked from app)

Why You Need to SEO Optimize Your Web Maps

With more than a billion websites online, it's an uphill battle to get your webmap to the top of search. Here’s some simple steps to help claim your place.

Blog: Print

5 Big Reasons Why Print is STILL Important for Your Webmaps

Once upon a time, all maps were printed. In the digital age it's easy to overlook the importance of print. But this is a mistake.

Benefits: Data management

How to Make Online GIS Data Management Pain Free

Deploying a single map filled with layers is easy, but it's hard to maintain, and hard for users to navigate. There's got to be a better way.

Benefits: Branding

Web Map Branding: How to Ensure First Impressions Count

First impression count, more than ever. Your outward appearance of your web maps needs to speak to the user, resonate with their needs. 

Benefits: Visualizations

Extract Deeper Meaning from Your Data with Web Map Visualizations

Gut feeling is good, but data-driven decision making is better. Web map visualizations allow you to analyze and explore data in new, insightful ways.

Benefits: Customization

Web Map Customization: How to Tell the Whole Story Without Coding

Sometimes map data itself only tells part of the story. Here's the essential tools you need to enhance your map and tell the whole story.

Benefits: Map Tools

Supercharge Data Discovery with Comprehensive Web Map Tools

Great web maps serve a singular purpose: delivering answers and insights for users. Providing the right tools can help users find answers quickly.

Intent: How to Build a Web Map That Supports Queries

How to Build a Web Map That Supports Queries

What tools are available to answer map based queries and how can they be successfully implemented?

Intent: Do You Need to Publish Shapefiles on the Web? Read this first…

Do You Need to Publish Shapefiles on the Web? Read this first…

You were right to look into web mapping, it solves all of these problems and offers lots of additional benefits that you may not have considered.

Intent: Need to Publish Your MapInfo Maps on the Web? Read this first...

Need to Publish Your MapInfo Maps on the Web? Read this first...

Mango is one of the leading providers of web GIS in the cloud, making it easy for you to upload your MapInfo maps and share them via an interactive web map.