Learn How to Create Amazing Web Maps

Preparing map-ready data doesn't have to be rocket science! These tutorials will help you source, prepare, and deploy amazing interactive web maps.

Tutorial: Using AWS S3 buckets to host images for your map's popups

Using AWS S3 to store resources for your maps

Using Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) can appear daunting. This tutorial will run you through setting up an S3 bucket of your own to host map resources.

Tutorials: Sourcing and Preparing Map Data

I want to make a map, but I don't have map data? Solution here...

When you decide to dive into web mapping, it’s unlikely you have map-ready data. Here's how to source, prepare, and merge map data it with your business data.

Tutorial: Geocoding

How to Map Spreadsheet Addresses for Powerful Insights

Spreadsheets are a fantastic way to analyze data, but if you’re dealing with geographic data, it’s likely you’ll be missing some of the most important insights.

Tutorial: Point Count

How to Turn a List of Locations into an Online Heat Map

This tutorial will show you some GIS magic to get a count of markers in a county and create a stunning quantity map for your online GIS.

Tutorial: Filtering a dataset

How To Remove Unwanted Regions From Your Map Data

Most map data sourced from third parties contains features and information outside of your area of interest - here's how to quickly and easily clean it up!

Tutorial: Table Joins

How to Create a Map from a Spreadsheet Containing Zip Codes, Counties or States

Spreadsheets can be a fickle beast. We’ve all got them, we all kind of know how to use them, but are you really getting the most out of them? Here's how you can