Online GIS for Townships. Here's What You Need To Know

Online GIS for Townships. Here's What You Need To Know

Are you responsible for your township's GIS or web maps? These free and super actionable resources will take your online GIS skills to the next level.

A township’s web maps are more than just a resource, for GIS managers they are the public facing window into their world, and a reflection of their work.

Online GIS systems used to all be much alike, but now there is a growing void between cities that have remained in front of the technology curve and those that have fallen behind.

There are many factors that separate an awesome township web map portal from an average one.

It’s not just as simple as data prep and adding some layers to a map anymore. If you want your web maps to provide your constituents with a first class experience you need to be up to speed on a range of topics from mobile device support to search engine optimization.

I’ve been building web mapping systems full time for over a decade. And know first hand that incremental improvements to your web maps needn't be super complicated and time consuming.

I’m going to share with your some first rate resources that will bring you up to speed on the ideas and concepts.

These will enable you to double down on your web mapping game and single handedly take your township’s online GIS to the next level.

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