Looking for the best Carto alternative?

See for yourself why many organizations prefer Mango to Carto.


More storage, less cost and an intuitive design are all standard with Mango.

  • No coding required.
  • Typically 16X more upload storage than similarly priced Carto plans.
  • Search, data queries, spatial analysis plus all the other tools you’d expect.
  • Cost-effective, scalable plans that won’t break the bank.
  • Compatible with all desktop GIS.

Customize design, share access with whomever you want and make advanced web map applications.

  • Customize domain, logo, colors, layout and more.
  • Get fine-grained control over who sees your maps.
  • Create a customizable map and data portal that integrates with your website.
  • Share maps internally, with clients and partners or to the public.
  • Simple, browser-based design.

Mango vs Carto

Enterprise Plan
Public Maps 40 10
Storage 16 GB 0.5 GB
Datasets Unlimited 40
Layers per map Unlimited 8
Add-on users Unlimited Private Viewer seats None
Access groups
Raster upload
Automatic legend generation
No coding required for customizations
Print to PDF
Query Tool
Spatial Analysis Tool
Full Text Search Tool
Use your own domain name
Support Priority email support Limited email support
$199/m vs. $299/m