Looking for the best Carto alternative?

See for yourself why many organizations prefer Mango to Carto.


More storage, less cost and an intuitive design are all standard with Mango.

  • No coding or SQL knowledge not required to deploy comprehensive maps with end-user analysis tools.
  • Search, attribute data queries, spatial analysis, print, plus all the other tools you’d expect.
  • Cost-effective, scalable plans that won’t break the bank.
  • Compatible with all desktop GIS.
  • More storage dollar-for-dollar when comparing Mango Business to Carto Individual.

Customize design, share access with whomever you want and make advanced web map applications.

  • Customize domain, logo, colors, layout and more.
  • Get fine-grained control over who sees your maps.
  • Create a customizable map and data portal that integrates with your website.
  • Share maps internally, with clients and partners or to the public.
  • Simple, browser-based design.

Mango vs Carto

Business Plan
Public Maps 20 10
Upload storage 4 GB 2 GB
Map loads per month Unlimited 100,000
Upload your own raster geotiff layers
Print composer
Find & highlight map features via full text attribute search
One-click custom domain integration
Support Priority email support Basic email support
$99/m vs. $299/m
Prices shown for plans when billed by the month.