Data Sourcing and Preparation Guide

Data Sourcing & Preparation Guide

This six-part video series will get you up to speed on sourcing and deploying amazing interactive web map applications.

Video 1: Why Maps are Superior to Spreadsheets

Why Web Maps Are Superior to Spreadsheets [Video Course]

This introductory video will demonstrate the power of web mapping and how simple it can be to uncover spatial insights for your organization.

Video 2: Find Map Data

HOW TO: Source Map Data for Your Interactive Web Maps [Video Course]

This video will show you how to find appropriate geospatial data for your mapping projects to facilitate decision making and uncover hidden trends in your data

Video 3: Clean Map Data

HOW TO: Clean Up Your Map Data [Video Course]

This video will show you how to clean up third party map data to zero in on your areas of interest.

Video 4: Stack Layers

HOW TO: Stack Layers on a Web Map [Video Course]

This video focuses on the benefits of stacking layers on your web maps to aid understanding of the visualizations and allow users to toggle layers on and off.

Video 5: Map regions in a spreadsheet

HOW TO: Create a Web Map from Regions or Areas in a Spreadsheet [Video Course]

This video will teach you how to create a web map from spreadsheet data that contains regions such as state names, zip codes, or county names

Video 6: Map addresses in a spreadsheet

HOW TO: Create a Web Map from Addresses in an Excel Spreadsheet [Video Course]

This video focuses on taking a spreadsheet of addresses and converting those addresses to map-ready data in the form of lat/long coordinates.