Mango as a Market Analysis Tool For Real Estate Companies

Mango as a Market Analysis Tool For Real Estate Companies

landman® is a high-tech data platform that maps land parcels, housing, and demolition properties in Belgium before they are available for sale on the regular market.

A prevalent trend in many countries is the rise in demand for real estate in a market experiencing a supply shortage. In Belgium, this phenomenon is ascribed primarily to population growth, with rising demand for housing and land, notably in more desirable neighbourhoods where buyers are presented with limited choice for suitable real estate. Consequently, land and housing owners postpone selling their properties as suitable housing or land are quickly purchased once they are put for sale on the regular market, according to Matthias Van den Avont, landman®'s founder.

Buying a house or land is a life-changing decision, often made difficult by complex market conditions, making the entire process for buyers and sellers frustrating.

landman® makes the process easy by assisting buyers in finding suitable homes or land by mapping over 6 million real estate properties in Flanders and Brussels from owners with intentions to sell before making offers in the regular market. Belgium’s ‘hidden real estate market’ is made available to professional buyers using a geographic information system (GIS) of real estate data presented on landman® platform. From the hidden real estate market landman® has selected more than "1 million properties” for both private and professional buyers. landman® platform enables professional buyers to use relevant real estate statistics such as estimated purchase and rental value, address and seller data, socio-demographic data, real estate information and 4 unique scores to efficiently assess acquisition opportunities. After analyzing vital real estate statistics, buyers can register their interest via a unique match and lock system on a first-come, first-served basis. landman® will then connect buyers with the sellers to discuss logistics within an agreed period to reach an agreement.

Matthias Van den Avont, Founder of landman®

The Problem Mango Solved

landman® enables buyers and sellers to overcome market complexities by quickly viewing real estate opportunities and having relevant tools for professional buyers to make insightful market analyses. To make this possible, landman® requires a high-tech web mapping platform to manage and display extensive real estate data and software for analyzing those data. Interactive GIS tools enable professional buyers to quickly gather insight and uncover answers by understanding patterns, relationships, and the geographical context of future buying opportunities to make well-considered purchasing decisions.


Mango is an online GIS software that transforms data into easy-to-understand interactive web maps. Unlike traditional GIS mapping software, Mango fully operates online offering users a map-based workflow for data management, ability to create interactive web maps in minutes with insightful visualizations, powerful analysis tools, and maximum security.

landman® selected real estate properties are systematically managed via the Data portal, a feature provided by Mango. Selected real estate properties are transformed into a web map displaying the hidden real estate market in Flanders and Brussels. Mango's sharing feature allows professional buyers access to the selection list and visualized real estate data.

Areas of interest can be zoomed in and out of on the map, streets and neighbourhoods can directly be explored using Google street view and attribute data on various locations can be viewed via the popup feature. Professional buyers can quickly answer questions, explore spatial patterns and relationships using Mango's powerful GIS tools. Using the query tool, features that match professional buyers’ requirements will be highlighted on the map, and users are able to view results as a table, download a spatial file of results, or view an on-screen report based on customizable and pre-configured reporting widgets. The Custom Search tool allows professional buyers to quickly find all properties with specific requirements, which will quickly be shown on landman® map. Professional buyers can quickly analyse real estate data to find answers they need using landman® platform using Mango's powerful GIS tools.

“The biggest assets landman® is currently hearing from customers is the ability to quickly collect real estate information and answer questions quickly using Mango's proximity tool, as well as the option to visually assess data quickly.

We are only at the start of our journey, but the responses are very promising and we are very hopeful for the future.

— Matthias Van den Avont, Founder of landman®.

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Emily Gager is Mango's Content Executive

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