System Performance Criteria for the WILMAPCO Congestion Management Process (CMP)

Multiple data sources were used to perform a system-wide performance analysis to identify recurring and non-recurring congested locations. They Include:

  • Severe Congestion Status from Traffic Operation Management Plan (TOMP)
  • Total Daily Hours of Person Delay (PHED) from TPM (PM 3) Performance Measures
  • Intersection Level of Service—Critical Movement Summation
  • Statewide Intersection Crash Assessment & Rankings
  • Travel Time Index (TTI) from NPMRDS Expanded Dataset

A full breakdown on the performance measures can be viewed at

2023 CMP Performance Measures and Identified Corridors

The map below contains the most recent congestion performance measures for the WILMAPCO region. These measures serve as the basis for ongoing efforts in identifying the top corridors for more in-depth analysis and for an input into the project prioritization process.

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