Task 2: Current CMP hotspot conditions and existing multimodal infrastructure

Material on the map to the left gives additional details on selected existing multi-modal transportation conditions for each hotspot. A more complete inventory of the following items for each hotspot can be found in the Corridor Performance and Screening Summary

Category #1—Transportation Inventory:

· Roadway classifications and other FHWA program designations

· Current traffic volumes, speeds and delay conditions

· Current multi-modal infrastructure and operations

· Safety (Crash Frequency, severity and types)

Category #2—General Area Details:

· Socio– Economic conditions

· Relationship with Environmental Justice and Mobility– Challenged areas

· Relationship with WILMAPCO RTP Transportation Investment Areas (TIAs)

Category #3—Journey to Work and Employment Characteristics:

· Employment Concentrations and job types

· Journey to Work Mode Share

· Transit Investment Suitability Analysis

CMP Hotspot Conditions

Task 2: Existing multi-modal transportation inventories and other general areas characteristics

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