Cornell Vendor ID's

Company Updates:

June 2

Tyler Thomas is no longer working for Georgia NE. Tony Healy ((770) 235-5711) will take over as locksmith

Orlando has a new apprentice: Kane Davis

June 5

Rick Cadena no longer works for Fort Worth

June 6

Carla no longer works for Orlando

June 6

Rickey Schuff no longer works for Houston

June 7

Javier Enriquez (832) 982-8360 Is now the technician for Houston

June 7

Kevin Meehan has been added to Seattle schedule. Kevin is only a part time employee. Please only schedule under JD for now, unless James or Becky specify to schedule work under Kevin.

June 7

Jeff Mesquias will be rejoining San Antonio on Monday, June 12

June 16

Minneapolis has a new apprentice, Logan Tombley

Central PA has a new technician, Jamie Ward

Phone numbers will be updated once they are available

June 21

Louisville has a new apprentice, Matt Bailey

Detroit North has a new technician, Richard Hiddleson

Memphis has a new tech starting July 6th, Andrew Burt

June 27

Memphis has a new tech, Andrew Burt, starting July 6

Jacksonville has a new tech, Jarrod Swearengin, starting July 10

June 28

Tampa Central has a new tech, Jesse Blanton

July 5

Rickey Schuff has transferred from Houston to North Dallas

July 11

Ken Clagett no longer works for Fairfax.

July 21

Paul Merchant has moved from Denver to Raleigh

July 24

Richmond's map information has been updated, opening date is unknown

- Richard Estrada will be starting as their lead tech

Milwaukee's Map information has been updated, opening date is unknown

- Jason Pullen will be starting as their lead tech

Brian Curnel is starting in Charleston in preparation to replace Eric Dolan who will be moving to Richmond on August 8th

July 25

Dale Cole in no longer working for Portland. Harrison remains but is only an apprentice, so check before scheduling difficult work.

July 26

Clark Gonnering will be Milwaukee's second technician.

Mark Ashwell will be Central CT's second technician.

Both start dates are unknown, but should be within the next month.

Dimitrios Latrovalis will be starting as Los Angeles' second tech on August 1st.

July 29

Jesse Blanton will be doing work for both Tampa, and Tampa South. (813) 853-2042

August 1

Tony Bonetti will be starting in Memphis

Mike Maciej will be starting in Minneapolis

Kenneth Wigant will be starting in Phoenix

Joe Winnington will be starting in Philly South on August 2nd

August 3

Brian Curnel no longer works for Charleston.

Rick Snow (843-609-4494) will doing work in Charleston from today until August 13. He will then transfer to Orlando.

Robert Shane is a new tech for Phoenix. (602) 918-8701

August 9

Oren Perlman will be starting in Orlando

August 14

Richard Ohlessen no longer works for San Jose

Dominic Biggers is starting in Tampa Central instead of Doug Black

August 15

Kurstin Ruiz in Phoenix is off today, please direct calls to Andrew

August 21

Hector is starting as a salesman in Miami

Lee Canapetti is starting in Southwest CT

August 23

Kent Pack will be taking over for Rick Snow today in Charleston, Rick Snow will be going to Orlando

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