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The starter plan with the essentials to make and share interactive web maps
10 Maps 2GB Storage
  • Map visualizations (quantities, categories, bubble maps, heat maps, clusters)
  • Share your maps publicly
  • Store data privately
  • Maps work on all mobiles and tablets
  • Map tools (print / search / query etc)
  • Public map and data portal


The plan for teams that need to take their web mapping to the next level
20 Maps 4GB Storage
Everything in Professional, plus:
  • Password protected maps
  • Data editing (attributes & geometry)
  • Raster and WMS Support
  • Add your company logo
  • Customize the interface, color scheme and layout
  • Use your own domain name


The complete web mapping solution for teams and enterprise mapping projects
40 Maps 8GB Storage
Everything in Business, plus:
  • Personal account manager
  • Add additional users to the account
  • Fine grained control over map and data access
  • User roles (viewers, editors, admins)
  • Group permissions
  • Private map and data portal
  • Remove all Mango branding from maps
  • Google Analytics and Maptiks integration


Our most flexible plan, ideal for large and scalable web map deployments
100 Maps 16GB Storage
Everything in Enterprise, plus:
  • Web map consultant ( 4 hours)
  • Add maps beyond plan quota*
  • Use storage beyond plan quota*
  • Google Analytics and Maptiks integration
*Contact for pricing

Feature Breakdown





Users & Groups
Unlimited Private Viewers
Additional Administrators ($49/month each)
Additional Editors ($99/month for packs of five)
Analytics Integrations
Google Analytics Integration
Maptiks Integration
Customization & Branding
Custom logo
Custom color scheme
Custom layout
Custom navigation bar
Custom language localization (L10n)
Custom domain / sub-domain
Removable "White Label" branding
SSL encrypted maps - 256-bit encryption
Public maps and datasets
Standalone maps
Hidden maps
Password protected maps
Data Management
Edit feature geometry
Edit feature attributes
Add / Remove features
Reupload datasets
Data Sync
Supported Data Formats
Vector Data: SHP, CSV, KML, TAB, FileGDB, GeoJSON
Raster Data: GeoTIFF
WMS: v1.3. Web Mercator (EPSG:3857) only
Thematic Maps
Category Maps
Choropleth Maps
Bubble Maps
Heat Maps
Clustered Pushpins
Map Tools
Advanced Search
Query Tool
Proximity Analysis
Address & Data Search
Coordinate search
Print to PDF
Google Streetview
Scale Bar
Coordinate Display
Base Map Switcher
Share & Bookmark
Custom Copyright

Test Drive the Enterprise Plan with your Free Trial

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try Mango for free?

Yes! Signing up for Mango starts a free 30 day trial on our Enterprise plan. During this trial period you can test full functionality — upload, style and visualize your spatial data with vector and raster support, deploy webmaps with Mango's powerful GIS tools, add Users and Groups to share maps with precision privacy control with colleagues, clients, and stakeholders, or share your maps and data publicly on the web.

What happens after the 30 day trial?

If you haven't checked out by the end of the 30 day free trial, your maps will be switched offline, and your account will become unavailable. Any Users you created during your trial will be locked out of their account and unable to access any internal maps or data until you purchase a plan.

Can I extend my trial?

We understand that procurement processes are sometimes longer than desired, so if you would like more time to keep building maps until your accounts department are ready to proceed with a payment, just get in touch with the Mango Support Team via the messenger in your administration panel.

Do I have to sign a long term contract?

Absolutely not. Mango is a pay-as-you-go subscription service, billed monthly. For customers that prefer a long-term solutions, we also offer up to 30% discount for annual and multi-year billing options.

What happens if I upgrade, downgrade, or cancel in the middle of a billing cycle?

If you upgrade mid-cycle, you will be charged a pro-rata amount - meaning we’ll only charge you the difference between the new and old plan for the remaining days in your billing cycle.
If you downgrade your account mid-cycle, your account will be credited with the difference between the old and new plan for the remaining days in your billing cycle. Downgrades are applied immediately.

What does “pro rata” mean?

A pro rata charge is one that is proportional to the whole price — a common way to charge for changes to subscriptions mid-billing cycle, so users only pay for a new plan or add-on from the day they update their subscription. For example, our customer Tom is on our Enterprise plan. Each month, Tom pays $199 for the plan, and an additional $49 for one Administrator. Tom adds a second Administrator 10 days into his billing cycle. 20 days remain, so we'll charge Tom the proportional amount remaining in the billing cycle. Breaking the charge down, Tom will be charged $32.66 ($49/30 days × 20 days) when he adds the new Administrator, and from his next invoice, Tom's monthly subscription will be $297.

Can I try features on higher plans?

Yes, you can. If you want to test Users and Groups for enhanced map and data security, you can try free for 14 days using our 14 day upgrade trial. If you like your new features, just keep working and at the end of the 14 day upgrade trial we'll bill you pro-rata for the new features. If you prefer your old plan and add-ons, delete any Users and Groups you created and set your subscription back to your preferred plan before the end of the 14 day upgrade trial.

Do you take feature requests?

Many current Mango features were driven by your feedback. We have a robust feature roadmap that guides Mango development, but we're always happy to hear how our customers are using Mango and how we can help solve our customers problems. If you have requests, ideas, or feedback, contact the Mango Support Team.

Where are my maps hosted?

Mango uses Amazon Web Services for all infrastructure. Map tiles generated from your data are served by a fast content delivery network with worldwide distribution points to maximize delivery speeds — no matter where your map users are located.

Can I switch plans anytime?

Yes, you can change your plan, billing cycle, and add-on users at any time in your Account panel.

How do I cancel my Mango account?

You can cancel your subscription at any time by sending an email to the Mango Support Team. Once cancelled, your maps and data will be deleted from our servers and you will not be charged again.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payment via Visa, Mastercard, and American Express. Payments are processed via Sage Pay so you can be confident your transaction is secure.

visa and master card
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