Map data was derived from these sources: USGS (including BLM & BIA) data current as of 2014; U.S. Census Bureau (population density data current as of 2010 and population estimates as of 2015); and state and local government data sourced from Plumas County Assessor (data current as of 2016).

Plumas County



Land Ownership Key

Local Government: Land owned by the county, city, school districts and special purpose districts or other local authority-owned land with no tax value assessed.

State of California: Land under the jurisdiction of an agency of the State of California.

Tribal and Indian Land: Tribal and Indian owned land.

Federal Land: Federal public lands managed for various purposes differing statutory authority. These lands are generally open to public use subject to the regulations of the managing agency.

Unitary: Property owned or used by public utilities (e.g. railroads, power generating plants, and utilities) and assessed by the State of California's Board of Equalization.

Note: The total acreage listed includes land with water and land owned by another party (e.g. Federal Land) but managed/operated for a unitary purpose.

Conservation Easements/Trusts: Land with a contractual binding agreement under which the landowner, permanently or during a time period specified in the agreement, agrees to conserve or restore habitat, open space, scenic or other ecological resource values on the land covered by the easement.

Private: Land not held by any other governmental agency (all other property not listed in this chart).

Population Trends & Land Ownership

Historic population trends from 1900-2015 and land ownership overview

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