Northwind Grouse Habitat Maps

Printed map sets can be purchased either "Waterproof/Water resistant or purchase the same map for your Garmin GPS Unit

  • Large format 12.5" x 18.5"
  • Choice of waterproof, tear and puncture resistant, specialized medium or water resistant heavy weight paper priced accordingly.
  • Maps scale at 1:24,000 on a 12.5" x 18.5" sheet equates to 2.64" = 1 mile
  • Each map covers approximately 25 square miles. That is over 60% more coverage area on each map than an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper, thus allowing for easier reading of the map and not having to flip pages
  • Multi-habitat information layered onto each map enabling you to see the habitat shape as it lays on the land
  • Aspen cuts 8 -16 years of age (where data is provided**), Tag Alders, Cedar, Tamarack, Wildlife Openings, Upland Conifer, Lowland Conifer, and Upland Brush and much more are displayed on each map, color coded and labeled
  • The overlay of each habit's shapes are displayed in such a way that you can easily read the contour lines below each shape
  • See where multiple grouse habitats come together, enabling you to better anticipate grouse escape routes
  • Aspen cuts labeled with "Harvest Year" and size in acres on each map ensuring no more turning pages or need of indexes to search through. Most states show year of origin and some show stocking (or stem) density.
  • Federal, state, county forest lands, and private lands shown on each map
  • Longer shelf life than any map available.
  • We are now showing much younger cuts so that you will not have to update your maps as often but still be able to concentrate your hunt on viable habitat in the range of 9 -16 years of age
  • Detailed legend page detailing habitat symbols and naming conventions for each map set
  • Provided with each maps set is a digital download of the aspen coordinates for you to download directly into your GPS unit, thus eliminating the need for hand entering the data. When you order online, link(s) to the waypoint (GPX) file(s) are located in My Account on this website after completion of an order. When you order over the phone we email you the waypoint (GPX) file(s).
  • Roads are labeled and color coded according to use. Additional trails have been added to these maps that are not found on any other topographical maps
  • Our topo maps are custom made for each map set thus ensuring the most current topo map that is available at the time. We are constantly updating our data sets so that you have the most current topos available
  • **Unfortunately the Harvest year data is not made available to us for Maine, Vermont, New York, New Hampshire, and parts of Pennsylvania. To learn more about how these map differ from our Midwest and SE maps please give us a call.

    Northwind Pennsylavnia Grouse Habitat Maps

    Locate key Grouse and Woodcock areas in the state of Pennsylvania

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