This map will tell you..

  • Which stores are within the zone of a competing brand
  • If a new, planned locations is in a competitive zone
  • How many people live around a store and their demographic profile

Which stores are within the zone of a competing brand?

Click the Proximity Tool and choose the settings as per the example below;

Then click Get Results and View Table.

The highlighted own stores are within distance of a competitor's location. The ones that are not highlighted are further away.

Analyze a possible new location

Type in address e.g. "Lidcombe" to examine the competitive landscape of a proposed new store. Optionally, use the measuring tool to find the distance to the nearest competitor.

How many people live in the area?

Click the Query Tool and drag a circle around the location

Choose Get Results then Summary Report

A demographic profile of the areas is shown

Competitor Analyis - Sydney

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