How Mango Works.

Creating web map applications with Mango is quick and easy. All you need is a web browser and your data.
What you won't need are any programmers, expensive servers, software licenses or an accountant to figure out the pricing.

Import Your Data

The first step is to upload your data in one of the wide range of supported formats. Spreadsheet, vector, raster, or web service? We've got you covered.

Style Your Map

Choose from a range of visualizations and styling options. Whether you need a heatmap, pushpins or a quantity map, it only takes a couple of clicks.

Add Tools to Your Map

Choose from the wide range of tools in our map toolbox in order to customize the functionality of your map. Search, query, measure, print? You name it, we have it.

Control Access to Your Map

Security is important. You can choose to make your maps public or you can restrict access using passwords. You can even choose to add 128-bit SSL encryption.

Customize Anything and Everything

Make your maps your own by adding a custom logo, color scheme, layout and branding. You can even use your own domain name and translate the interface into your language.

Create a Portal for All of Your Maps

Make a maps and data portal so your users can access all of your shared maps and data in a single easy to find location.
Transform your data into interactive webmaps