Map Insights

Groundwater availability is indicated in the Balance figure which estimates current sustainable groundwater availability once existing usage has been accounted for.

Query Tool Overview

The Query Tool allow users to rapidly dive into your data with rule based queries to discover features of interest contained within the map. Features that match the query will be highlighted on the map, and users are able to view results as a table, download a spatial file of results, or view an on-screen report based on pre-configured reporting widgets.

How To Use

To enable the query tool please select the tool on the layer panel as indicated below.

Users can either make their selection based on the location of features, by drawing a box, radius or shape around specific features. The user can further refine their selection by setting filters based on the attributes of the selected features or just select features based on these attributes.

  1. Source: Draft data, from DWS, 2017:Department of Water and Sanitation, South Africa. May 2017. Determination of Water Resource Classes and Associated Resource Quality Objectives in the Berg Catchment: Ecological Base Configuration Scenario Report. Project Number WP10987. DWS Report NO:RDM/WMA9/00/CON/CLA/0317. Prepared by: Aurecon South Africa (Pty) Ltd in sub-consultancy association with Southern Waters.
  2. Source: Demarcation Board of South Africa.

Groundwater Availability

An indication of groundwater availability that could be used to increase local water supply

Feature Info