This interactive map provides visual and downloadable Lidar elevation data for the RM of Bifrost-Riverton.

Use the search box to locate a given section or quarter section. Valid search terms would be SE-10-24-2-E or 10-24-2-E

Point elevations and contours are overlaid on the map, and are designed to provide a visual representation of land elevations. Elevation values are based on the CGVD28 geoid model. Where available, elevation points from ditch and culvert surveys completed in 2016 and 2017 are also shown. Black lines illustrate the calculated flow routes based on modelling the terrain data, and may be useful in determining the natural flow directions. To view elevations in metric format turn off the feet layer and turn on the metric layer in the legend.

Elevation data in point shapefile format at 5m point spacing can be downloaded by clicking inside any section or quarter section and then clicking the link that appears. Downloads are available by section for every section in the RM that was included in the lidar survey (please clip the data to your field boundaries as required). Shapefiles are in point format and are un-projected with WGS84 geographic coordinate system. This format should be compatible with all major GIS and farm software, as well as drainage design programs. (If your software doesn't automatically project the data, e.g. ArcMap, they should be projected to UTM Zone 14).

Other tools are also available via the toolbar, and include GPS positioning for mobile devices and measuring tools. Turning on the Soil Classifications layer provides soil and agricultural capability information as classified by the Canada Land Inventory (CLI).

Please contact Simon Knutson by email at for any additional information.

Municipality of Bifrost Lidar Data

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