Managing your franchise territories

This is an example territory map made using Mango software. We created this map to showcase territories for a fictional franchise brand. Each territory is color coded - green for available and red for reserved. The aim of the map is to show how effective visualizing data can be, particularly when managing franchise territories.

Explore the map yourself by clicking on the map's territories. Once you click on a territory, a box will also pop-up in the bottom-left corner with location data we've added to provide insights and context

With Mango you can:

  • Visualize and manage your franchise territories plus view their current status.
  • Map out and create new territories.
  • Intelligently plan new franchise locations.
  • Easily collaborate with other team members as everything is online.
  • Use advanced search and filter tools to discover powerful insights.

Selling franchise territories

Mango really comes into its own when you're mapping out and presenting territories to potential franchisees. For instance, click on any territory on the map to the left. A small box will pop up in the bottom-left corner with a variety of facts about the territory, such as the population size, number of households and the number of households earning more than $2,000 per week. This data gives the potential franchisee the inside story, showcasing a territory's opportunities either while you're presenting to them or when they are looking at the map themselves.

Presenting to potential franchisees

As Mango is housed online, you can email your territory map's URL to potential franchisees. Once they've opened it up, they can explore the map themselves, making Mango an easy-to-use digital interface for showcasing territories.


All of the data points on this map are easy to source and simple to upload onto the map. They also provide relevant information to potential franchisees, helping them make a more informed decision and giving you an edge when it comes to selling. You can also add a variety of other data points, such as the density of office buildings as well as transport links - whatever you want.

When selling territories, Mango lets you:

  • Upload map data about the local population and potential market.
  • Send the map's URL via email to present all of your territories.
  • Color code your territories to show which are available and reserved.
  • Upload your logo and colors for branding consistency.

Advanced search tools

Once you've visualized your data and created your territories, you can utilize Mango's advanced query and search tools to gain deeper insights into your franchise territories.

After all, there are lots of free territories on the map, so users require a quick way to search through and find what they're looking for.

Query Tool

Select the Query Tool from the menu in the bottom right corner. You will see two filters you can change - "Status" and "Mean HH Income".

We have pre-selected these filters, but you can change them in the TOOLBOX settings to whatever filter that's relevant to your data.

Start your search

So, let's say you want to see all of the available territories the mean household income is more than $75,000 per year.

To start with, select "Available" from the "Status" drop-down menu. Then in the "Mean HH Income" fields, put 75000 in the left box. Once you have entered this information, press "Get Results".

Once you perform your search, all of the territories that meet your criteria will show up on the map ringed in a red line. If you've done it correctly, then 17 territories will show up.

You will also see two useful options to compare the results in an interactive table or download the results in a CSV file.

Wrap up

As you can see, a simple search can provide hyper-targeted results that can provide key insights for potential franchisees looking to set up in a new territory.

There are plenty of other tools that you can configure in a variety of different ways, helping you to discover useful insights in a simple yet effective manner.

Learn more about Mango's franchise territory mapping software.

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