Pushpins are a great way to encourage interaction with your map and can be added to any point, line or polygon layer. Pins are clustered, or grouped together, with each cluster containing a colour and the number of pins in that cluster to easily visualize high density areas.

How To Use

Clicking on a cluster will explode the cluster and the map will zoom to the extent of pins in that cluster. For lines and polygons, the pushpin will be placed on the center of the feature. Pushpins in the same location are automatically clustered to avoid collision on the map and clusters will explode when clicked or the map is zoomed. When a user hovers over a cluster, a highlight shows the bounds of the markers in each cluster.

How To Configure

From the administration area of your map this tool can be activated from the toolbox panel in the administration toolbar. See the following section in the documentation for more details.

Clustered Pushpins

Feature Info