The purpose of the MarketXS Database is to help your sales team identify markets for equipment sales.

The application can help your company identify wood markets for their existing clients and increase your own sales.

The data in this application can also be used as a sales pitch. "Hey Mr. Thomas; Walnut, California is quite abundant in pellet mills and biomass power plants. If you purchase a wood chipper you will have a guaranteed market in this region. I can also help you get in contact with the biomass plant managers to help sell your wood chips!"

You have the ability to turn layers off and on based on preference and also use tools to identify specific target markets.

- The layers can be changed to your preference

- We can add and remove data based on what you find valuable for your sales team

Your team also has the capability of adding, editing or deleting data on the map through a simple submission form.

Market XS

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