Search for A Service Provider Around You

The First and the only location based search system in Nigeria

How to Load A Service:

To load a service on the map, fill and submit the service form with your preferred Geo-location (Lat and Long)

How to Get You Geo-location (Lat and Long)

How to Search for A Service:

This system has provided 3 methods in which you can locate a service:

1. Search using Query Method.

Select your options using the pull down

Any of the location tool icons can be used, the default is to search globally within all the data set.

The matching result will be highlighted on the map in a different colour zoomed on your screen. This can be view in a interactive table by clicking on the view icon as shown.

Matching result in a table form

2. Advanced (Quick)Search Method

This search method allows you to type your search criteria in the input box.

One or more fields can be used for search, results will be displayed on the map view highlighting service providers that matched your criteria. Clicking on a service provider will Pop-Up his/her details for you to contact and follow.

3. Data Search

Data search is found at the top of your screen. This is used to search for a service provider using any of his/her key words provided in his profile (Name, location, Phone No. Service Type). Minimum of 3 letters can be used.

Selecting any of the results will navigate to the service provide location on your map window.


You can get your precise location using the Geo-locator icon .

This can quicken your time in locating any service provider closest to you. The query method can then be used to select exact service needed, using any of the location selection icon.

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