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We’re excited to announce a medley of exciting new features. You guys asked for these features and we listened. Please take the time to sign-in to your account and try them for yourself!

Web Map Service Layers (WMS)


You can now add any web map service to your maps as a layer. The new feature is very easy to use, just paste the WMS URL, choose the layer you want to add and away you go.

Interface Translation – Publish Maps in Languages Other than English


You can now translate the interface of your maps to any language you choose !

Upload Custom Icon Sets


You can now upload your own custom markers to use with point layers. You can even set which point in the marker should be placed directly above the location on the map.

And that’s not all, we’ve also added…

Cross Hatch Fills

Need to show two polygon layers that overlap at the same time? We’ve got you covered, with the new cross hatch fill style you can do just that.

Base Map Switching Tool

With this new tool enable your users can decide for themselves which base map they would like displayed under your data.

Colors Instead of Base Maps

Instead of using a base map you can use any color as the background for your map. This features is especially useful when used in conjunction with the new WMS feature as your users don’t need to download tiles that they are not going to view.

Query Results as a Spreadsheet

The query tool now allows you to download the query results as a CSV file which can be opened in any spreadsheet program.