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Let’s face it, GIS is a complex beast, but empowering citizens and local business with the insights locked inside geospatial data doesn’t have to be rocket science.

Until now web GIS viewers have been designed with the GIS professional in mind — not the end users of web maps. They’re clunky, ugly, confusing for the lay-user and simply don’t work on all browsers. Mobile? Forget it.

They run on expensive proprietary systems with overheads that would make a the captain of a Spanish Armarda ship blush, require extensive programming knowledge to code and deploy, or require users to download yet another update (looking at you, Java),

or Flash,

or *shudders*


We built Mango to be the opposite of all that’s wrong with GIS web mapping.

Here’s 5 reasons why counties & townships across north America are moving to Mango:

1. You’re in Control

Mango is more than just a web map viewer; it’s an online portal for all your county’s maps and public datasets. Mango integrates into your existing website with ease with custom domain control, and a ready made portal for your public maps and data. You don’t need consultants to create and host your maps, or pay them each time you need to update your data. You’re data remains in your hands.


2. Your maps are accessible anywhere, any time, on any device.

A recent Accenture survey revealed two-thirds of US citizens want increased digital interaction with their government; a third want access to government services on their terms — that means whenever they need it, and on whatever device they have in their hand.

Mango just works. Everywhere. Any device, any platform. Even IE6.

OK, not IE6.


3. It’s Powerful.

Mango works with your existing data, in all the major geospatial file formats:

  • Shapefile
  • CSV
  • KML
  • TAB
  • FileGDB
  • GeoJSON
  • GeoTIFF
  • and WMS

Once uploaded, your data is ready to style with one-click visualization, custom symbology, easy labelling, customizable feature popups, and more.

Powerful GIS analysis tools can be configured through simple wizards.

For your map users, an intuitive, familiar interface bridges the gap for those who aren’t familiar with GIS-speak. From simple tax parcel lookups, performing calculations using your data’s attributes, or extracting deeper insights through proximity analysis, Mango is made for rapid information gathering and decision making.

4. No coding, no servers, no complex licensing.

“In one hour last night I managed to achieve things I have been attempting on and off via carto, fusion tables and custom javascript for over a year.”

Build maps on desktop or laptops, using any browser. Mango lets you work fast, wherever you are.

Cloud-based and built on a powerful open source technology stack, means no coding, no servers to maintain, no complex licenses, credits, or layer limits. Just rapid development, instant deployment, and maps that work on any device, with powerful GIS tools baked right in, and no headaches.


5. Flat rate pricing = no surprises.

No view limits, no layer limits, no credits to renew.
Pound for pound, Mango does more for less. Check the competition.

Simplify your budget: flat rate pricing means you know exactly what you’ll pay every month — or year, if you’d like a 20% discount.



The end of the 2015/16 fiscal year is fast approaching — will you continue to serve your county’s GIS data on a platform that makes it hard for citizens to find what they’re looking for? Migrating to Mango takes most of our local government customers a week, so now is your opportunity to unburden yourself from complex tools and unnecessary expense and move to Mango.

If you’d like to know more, read more about how Mango works for local government, or sign up for instant access. Test drive Mango today.

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