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We’ve integrated the fantastic map analytics platform Maptiks, so you can turn your user’s web map interactions into actionable insights and increase engagement on your web maps.

Maptiks lets you to track all the good stuff like bounce rates, visit duration, and activity per map load, as well as map-specific functions like pans, zooms, and geographic areas users viewed.

Sample report from Maptiks

It’s simple to start tracking map analytics for your Mango maps with Maptiks – just sign up for a free trial over at Maptiks. Drop your tracking ID into Mango and all your public maps will start tracking.

Mango Integration: Google Analytics

Alongside Maptiks is our new Google Analytics integration. Using a Tracking ID you can view everything Analytics offers including Audience demographics, acquisition channels, and user behaviour. This will allow you to track general user activity but not detailed, map interaction tracking that Maptiks offer.

Maptiks and Google Analytics are available on all Enterprise and Agency plans.