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Maximum Security, Minimum Effort.

Introducing the most requested feature ever in the history of Mango – Users & Groups.

Check out the video to see how it works!


So here’s the problem:

You want to move your GIS maps online to make them easily accessible throughout your organisation, but you have concerns about map access and security.

This is where the Mango Users & Groups feature comes in. It gives you fine grained control over who can access or edit your maps and data. Here’s how it works: Let’s pretend you have a new map that’s not available to the public. You want your GIS team to administer the map; your management team to have read-only access; and finally, your survey team to make data edits but not modify the map itself.

With Mango this is easy.

All we need to do is create 3 groups. Let’s call them the GIS group, the Management group, and the Survey group. We can then place each staff member in their respective group. Now in each map, we can specify which groups have permission to view the map, which groups have permission to edit the data, and which groups have permission to administer all aspects of the map application.

When your users sign in to your Mango account, they will only see the maps and datasets listed which they have been given permission to access—all other maps will be hidden from view. in addition, tools for editing the data within the map, or administering the map will only be displayed to users that belong to groups with appropriate permissions. What’s more, Mango provides a detailed access log with information about who accessed your maps and data, and what actions they performed.

Securely sharing your maps and data within your organisation is easy with Mango, and what’s more, it only takes a few minutes to set up.


Users & Groups is now available.

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  • Chris

    This looks like a really neat feature, looking forward to using it.