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We’re excited to launch the latest batch of new Mango features.

This update is all about integrations that help you update your maps without even logging in to Mango, analytics to help you understand your users and make better maps, and a simple way to link directly to map features.

Say hello to Maptiks, Google Analytics, and Dropbox.

Data Sync

Without a doubt, this is one of our most powerful features to date.

Data Sync allows you to integrate your desktop GIS or spreadsheet data maintenance and update processes right into your published webmaps on Mango.

Store your datasets in a Dropbox folder – or have your database admin dump out a CSV to Dropbox at your desired intervals. Whenever your data is synced with Dropbox, Mango will take care of the reupload process automatically.

Whether you update your data on a daily basis, or once a month, Data Sync can help streamline your workflows. Read more about the power of Data Sync →

Introducing Data Sync for webmaps: Desktop → Mango. Automatically. Click To Tweet

Data Sync is available now on all Enterprise and Agency plans.

Mango Integration: Maptiks



We’ve integrated the fantastic map analytics platform Maptiks so you can turn your user’s web map interactions into actionable insights and increase engagement on your web maps.

Maptiks lets you to track all the good stuff from bounce rates, visit durations, an activity per map load, as well as map-specific functions like pans, zooms, and geographic areas users viewed. It’s simple to start tracking your map with Maptiks – just sign up for a free trial over at Maptiks. Drop your tracking ID into Mango and all your public maps will start tracking.

Google Analytics

Alongside Maptiks is our new Google Analytics integration. Using a Tracking ID you can view everything Analytics offers including Audience demographics, acquisition channels, and user behaviour.

Maptiks and Google Analytics is available now on all Enterprise and Agency plans.

Feature linking for webmaps

Feature Permalinks

Now it’s simple to create links to specific map features.

Whether you need bi-directional linking between existing databases or just need to link to specific map features, Feature Permalinks offer a simple way to guide users to a specific spatial feature.

Specify the field and a unique field value you want to target, and Mango will open on the feature. Integrating direct feature links into your existing property databases is now simple using matching variables already in your database.

Feature Permalinks work for all your garden variety link needs, from a simple link like this, programmatic links from your online database or other CMS, as well as any embedded maps that – yes – load precisely on a target feature.

Find the unique Feature Permalink URL for each layer in the General tab of your layer settings.Direct feature links in your Mango webmap

Feature Permalinks are available now on all plans.


For detailed instructions, please read the updated documentation: