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We’ve just released a raft of new features including map styles, speed and stability updates, and improvements in the toolbox.


Heat Maps

Style your point data as a heat map visualization for easy analysis of geographic density.

Hot stuff!

heatmap style

Bubble Maps

Display your data as scaled bubbles based on a numerical attribute field. Apply to point, line, or polygon data for rapid comparison of population, income, regional sales volume, market penetration – just about anything!

bubble map style


Clustered Pushpins – Now with Categories!

Differentiate clustered pushpins with category markers. We’ve included a ready-to-use set of map pins, or you can upload your own custom markers for each category for complete customization.

Address Search

New source data makes our address search function even more accurate, with greater coverage of place and street locations around the globe, making it even easier for your users to find what they’re looking for.


We’ve migrating our documentation to a new platform, and you can now view it online, or download the complete Mango manual as a PDF. Find the new documentation at http://help.mangomap.com.

New Look

While new features are being built and tested, we’ve got our design team working on improving the app interface, focusing on simplicity, usability, and speed. The new look will be rolled out in stages over the next few months – the first being our shiny new website and logo, which is now live.

Reminder: Deprecated Tools

Summary Tool, Query Tool, and Location Analysis have been deprecated and will be departing Mango at the end of this month. If you currently use these tools, you will find the new Query Tool, Proximity Analysis, and Custom Search tool will provide enhanced database and spatial analysis functionality with powerful reporting capabilities, and a powerful query builder so you can give your users really powerful tools to dig deep into your data.

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