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Want to make your interactive map more useful? Here’s how to trigger an email from a clickable email link in your attribute popup in just 4 steps, one of which is just hitting the save button..

First, identify the attribute variable for the email. Our data has two fields related to emails; the first is the email address, and second is a pre-written contextual subject line for each email address:

In Mango, fields are referenced by variables – based on the column title. In our case, we have the following variables: {name}, {email}, {subject}, and {photo}.

By default, all variables are inserted into the attribute popup, and image URLs are automagically rendered (with a neat little slider if there’re more than one image).


The Simple Method

In this simple method, we’ll just use the {email} variable, but if you want to dive deeper, you’ll find a more elaborate method below. Here’s how simple it is:

1. Enable Custom Popups, clear out the default content.

2. Create a link. In the link editor,  type: mailto:{email}

(if your subject field already includes mailto:, you can just use {email})

Set the text you’d like to appear in the popup: Send {name} an email


3. Replace the image by inserting the photo variable with the image embed tool.

4. Hit Save — you’re done!

Mere seconds of work, and now your map users can send emails with ease. Works on mobile too! Go try it out for yourself!

The Complicated Method

Ok, you’re still here, so I’m guessing you’d like to know more. Good news is the complicate method isn’t complicated at all!

So, we have the {email} and {subject} line variables, but you’ll notice above that the subject lines didn’t include any of the html tags required to make this work,
so we’ll need to add that ourselves.

We know it’s easy to put the email in there, so now let’s add the subject. Repeat steps above, but this time add the link like this:


Bonus Round!

If you don’t have a fancy pre-made subject line, and you would like to include one, just add the following:

mailto:{email}?subject=Type your subject line here

And there you have it. Clickable email links in your customized map attribute popup in 4 easy steps.