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Our noses are firmly on the grindstone most days here at Mango HQ, so we’re popping our heads up for a breath just long enough to tell you about some delicious new features we’re rolling out.

Customization Panel

We’ve refreshed and reworked our customization panel, making it quicker and easier than ever to seamlessly integrate Mango into your website or brand. Custom logo and a custom domain, along with your company colors and even language, helps ensure your map users know exactly who is answering their spatial data questions.

Layer Popup Editor

With our new Popup Editor, you can create a rich, detailed popup that really pops. A snazzy WYSIWYG editor allows you to style data with tables, typography tools, and using your map attributes variables to do some really cool things – from pie and line charts to dynamically loading images image based on layer attribute variables, engage you map users, and providing a richer data exploration experience.

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