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Everyone’s got one. Its the essential map for townships, cities and counties, but so many get the land records map wrong. Here’s how to fix it.

I’ve made and viewed a lot of maps through my work at Mango. Like, a lot. But few maps are as ubiquitous and essential to local government as a land record map. They’re the first port of call for your community to establish some ground truths of property rights and should be map #1 on your local government web map portal.

Sadly, so often I see counties and cities that make some massive mistakes when building out their parcel maps.

After all, a land parcel or land records map exists to answer questions and aid decision making in your community. If its not delivering the usability and answers the community needs, then its not maximizing the time and effort, and money invested in maintaining and publishing.

Yet, again and again, there’s low hanging fruit that is left to wither on the vine, when it’s really simpler than you might imagine to pull together all the essential ingredients and bake the ultimate land records map.

So, whether your land records map needs that little bit more, or if its just another layer on your singular here are all the layers in the county kind of map (which is a bad idea, by the way), you’re in the right place. I’ve put together an actionable guide to creating the ultimate land records map. It’s simple to follow, and if you can implement some or all of the advice, you’ll have a map that your community will love.

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How to create the ultimate land records map