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As we all know real estate is all about location, so it’s essential to perform your research, analysis and decision making from a spatial perspective. Mango is a web mapping solution that makes it easy to build powerful web map applications that will give your and your team new insights into your property data.

You can overlay your property data on rich demographic datasets and expose analysis tools that will allow users of your map to visualize the answers to complex spatial questions. The map you see below was built and ready to share in under an hour using nothing but a spreadsheet with property listings, some open UK census data and a web browser.

The map shows properties for sale in South West England. Go ahead and try interacting with the map. You can turn layers of interest on and off in the legend and you can also find and filter properties using the “Query Tool” located in the bottom right corner under the Legend.

Want to make your own map? Here’s what you need.

To begin making a map like this you only need three things:

  • A free trial of Mango’s Enterprise plan
  • Property data
  • Demographic map data

Getting your Mango account is easy, just sign-up here which takes less than a minute. Next you will need your property data in CSV format so that it can be uploaded to Mango. You can export CSV’s from your spreadsheet program or most database management systems. The CSV also needs to include the coordinates for each property in Lat/Lon format. If you data only has addresses but no coordinates, you will first need to add coordinates using a method know as geocoding. You can find easy to follow geocoding tutorial in another one of our blog posts.

Next, we need our demographic data. Most governments make census publicly accessible and available for download in a map ready format. The most common format know as a Shapefile consists of four separate files with the following extensions: .shp, .dbf, .shx, .prj. You will need all four parts in order to upload the data to Mango. Finding this data is easy, just use Google and search for the type of data your want and add the term “shapefile” to the end of your search query, e.g. “U.S census data Shapefile”.

New to GIS? We’ve published a comprehensive Beginner’s Guide to GIS to help get you familiar with all things geospatial.
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Once you have your data and your Mango account, the next steps are straight forward and the Mango Setup Guide will take your through the process of making your first map.

Once you’ve got your basic map set up you can start adding tools. Tools that are of specific interest to the real estate industry are the Query tool, the Proximity Analysis tool, and the Clustered Pushins tool.



So go ahead, jump right in and make your first map. If you have any feedback or suggestion I would love to hear them, please leave a comment in the box below. Happy mapping!