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You guys have been giving us some great feedback and we’ve been listening. In this release we’ve added a whole range of new features and improvements all of which are requests from you, our users.

GeoLocation Tool for Mobile

The GeoLocation tool allows your users to locate themselves on your map. Just a single click and the map will zoom to their position, draw a circle to show them the accuracy of their position and even track them when they move. The tool also works in the browser on your desktop or notebook.


Measuring Tool

Many of you had asked for this tool and here it is. The measuring tool allows you to draw on the map and be told the distance of the line in miles, feet, kilometres or meters.


Copyright Tool

This is a simple feature but an important one none the less. You can now add your own custom copyright text to the map. The text is displayed on the bottom right corner of the map next to the legend.


More Algorithms to Define Class Breaks

We’ve now made it even easier to create graduated legends by adding additional algorithms. You can now choose from Quantile, Jenks, Heads/Tails and Equal Interval.


Change Outline and Opacity of all Classes Simultaneously

In the last release we added support for raster which was the number one requested feature on our customer suggestion site. The ability to change outline and opacity for all classes simultaneously has been number two on that list for too long.

Now for category and quantity legends if you want to change the outline style or fill opacity you no longer need to update every class break, we now just have one setting that will apply the change to all classes.


Change the Order of Category Class Breaks in the Legend

You can now drag and drop the different classes in your legend in order to display then in the exact way you would like.


We’ll be releasing another new version in the coming weeks that will add even more cool features and improvements. If you have and suggestions for features or improvements be sure to let us know!